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The European Insurance Law Review is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing both theoretical and applied works on a wide range of topics in the law of insurance and risk, including issues at the intersection of law, insurance economics and finance, actuarial science and other related areas. Founded in 2002, it is published by the Insurance Law Association of Serbia, one of the national chapters of the International Association of Insurance Law (AIDA). Entire material is published in Serbian language, while papers from the foreign authors are published both in Serbian and in one of the AIDA languages. Abstracts in the journal are always published in english language regardless of what is original language of the paper.

The Insurance Law Association of Serbia was founded 1961 as the Yugoslav Association for Insurance Law. More information about the work and activities of the Association can be found at:

Considering the aspirations of the Republic of Serbia to become a member of the European Union, in the last few years, the Insurance Law Association of Serbia has had extensive cooperation with a number of insurance experts from other EU members or candidate countries. This culminated in the appointment of the international Editorial board of the Review in 2012, consisting of prominent professors of insurance law from the major European universities. Domestic and international authors provide a valuable contribution to the analysis of current issues and trends in national law, especially in light of the harmonization of the national legal system with the EU system. In this context, the Insurance Law Association of Serbia has decided to change the title of the Review from "Insurance Law Review" into "European Insurance Law Review", starting from no. 1/2013, in order to gain international recognition.

Insurance Law Association of Serbia has an exclusive right to permit or decline permission for copying the content or part of the content in and form published in the European Insurance Law Review.

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