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REVIEW 1/2013

Ethik und Versicherung
Autor: Wolfgang Rohrbach

Principles of European insurance contract law (PEICL) as a settled and balanced system of policyholder protection
Autor: Ioannis Rokas

Whistleblowing: chance or risk? - new tendencies in Europe
Autor: Peter Hauser

Defining insurer liability in the motor hull insurance
Autor: Zoran Ilkić

REVIEW 4/2012

Managing moral hazard in English marine insurance law - The implied warranty of seaworthiness
Autor: dr Milica Josifovska

Insurance contract: Historical and theoretical profiles from the perspective of European law
Autor: dr Benedetto Farsaci

Some private international law problems relating to insurance law in Turkish practice
Autor: prof. dr Samim Unan

All risks insurance on the Serbian insurance market
Autor: Milovan Jovanovic

REVIEW 3/2012

Putting a premium on reform: Th e impact of the Rotterdam rules on shippers and insurers of cargo
Autor: Susanna Marsden

Keeping watch on giants: The supervision of insurance group and of insurance undertakings within financial conglomerates in European law
Autor: Angelo Borselli

Follow the fortunes clauses in reinsurance law - Practical problems in ensuring their effectiveness
Autor: Ralph Fearnhead

Credit insurance - Important characteristics, comparison with related collateral with emphasis on the EU
Autor: dr Jasmina Labudovic Stankovic

REVIEW 2/2012

Probleme und chancen der "kÖnigssparte" libensversicherung
Autor: dr Wolfgang Rohrbach

Medical doctor duty to advise pacient about risks of medical treatment proposed and his liability – special review of the German and Austrian authorities
Autor: dr Jakov Radisic

Cognosceat emptor: on the insurer's duty to inform the prospective policyholder in Europe
Autor: Angelo Borselli

Notary professional insurance
Autor: dr Katarina Ivancevic

Acquisitions directive – focus on practical issues of Polish insurance companies
Autor: Anna Tarasiuk-Flodrowska

REVIEW 1/2012

Questions relating to follow the settlements in reinsurance under English law with comparative reference to the laws of Germany and the USA
Autori: Yvonne Jefferies & Colin Croly

Topic proposals for public discussion of solutions that are not accepted in the draft of the Serbian Civil code with respect to the insurance contract
Autor: dr Jovan Slavnic

Patient consent to a medical treatment and liability for treatment without a proper approval
Autor: dr Jakov Radisic

Duties and liabilities of insurance brokers – Focus on the information exchange and duty to advise in Greek, Serbian and UK law
Autor: Mira Todorovic Symeonides

Credit payment protection insurance contract – Croatian experience, critical remarks and proposals for reform in comparative law
Autor: dr Loris Belanić

REVIEW 4/2011

Bancassurance on the EU market – specificalities of the polish law
Autor: Anna Tarasiuk-Flodrowska

General and special reinsurance conditions or an annual reinsurance treaty tailored to a reinsured?
Autor: dr Slobodan Jovanovic

REVIEW 3/2011

Enterprise risk management of insurers as a way of corporate governance
Autor: dr Jasmina Labudovic Stankovic

Insurance supervision in fr germany according to the law on insurance supervision and EU directives on solvency
Autor: dr Darko Samardzic

REVIEW 2/2011

The EU regulatory framework on bancassurance: work in progress on what?
Autor: dr Pierpaolo Marano

Principles of the european insurance contract law – future optional instrument of eu law?
Autor: dr Slavko Djordjevic

Unfair terms in insurance contracts
Autor: Angelo Borselli

REVIEW 1/2011

On the fonts of history of the austro-serbian insurance: 200 years of insurance agents
Autor: dr Wolfgang Rohrbach

Liability due to wrongful medical diagnosis and failure to undertake necessary diagnostical measures
Autor: dr Jakov Radisic

Loss of right from insurance of mtpl according to the new law on compulsory insurance in traffic – issues at controversy
Autor: dr Jovan Slavnic

Distribution by banks & other distributors of investment policies a focus on the distributed product
Autor: Ioannis Rokas

REVIEW 4/2010

Development of internal audit's legal framework for European insurance companies in Lehman's and others shadow
Autor: Peter Hauser

Institute cargoinsurance clauses 2009 - comparison of the institute clauses 1982 and 2009 with commentary
Autor: mr Nataša Petrović Tomić

Internal auditing in insurance companies - the opportunity to add value
Autor: Mirjana Bogićević

REVIEW 3/2010

Drawbacks in the method for organization of the guarantee fund and regulated supervision measures in the new law on compulsory insurances in traffic
Autor: dr Jovan Slavnic

The EU policy on insurance and reinsurance law and the prospect of harmonisation: fact or fiction?
Autor: Kyriaki Noussia

Physicians responsibility in the case when it is not enough certain that his fault caused damage to the patients' health
Autor: dr Jakov Radisic

REVIEW 2/2010

Paradigms substitution in the turbulent times (EU solvency II project)
Autor: Hans Peer

Go verning law for a direct action of the injured partyagainst wrongdoer's insurer according to the Rome II regulation
Autor: dr Slavko Djordjevic

REVIEW 1/2010

Conflict of interest of insurance brokers Recent Developments in US and China and Prospects for the Regulation in the European Union
Autori: Richean Zhiyan Li & Peter Kochenburger & dr Pierpaolo Marano

Liability insurance – contractual covers based on occurrence of an insured cause or claims made cover
Autor: dr Slobodan Jovanovic

Choice of law rules for insurance contract in european private international law
Autor: dr Slavko Djordjevic

REVIEW 3,4/2009

Professional liability insurance coverage in common and civil law jurisdictions
Autor: Dimitra Kourmatzis

Issues arising from EU law on reorganization measures and winding-up proceedings of insurance undertakings
Autor: Konstantina Soultati

Loyal and disloyal competition ininsurance
Autor: dr Wolfgang Rohrbach

REVIEW 2/2009

Which regulation for the reinsurance intermediaries: present and future of the directive 2002/92/EC
Autor: dr Pierpaolo Marano

Time bar of claims arising from insurance legal relation as a matter of legal regulation
Autor: dr Predrag Sulejic

Portfolio of life insurance companies
Autor: dr Jasmina Labudovic Stankovic

REVIEW 1/2009

Medical doctors' civil liability arising from their profession
Autor: dr Jakov Radisic

Professional liability insurance of medical doctors
Autor: dr Jovan Slavnic

Transparency in crisis
Autor: Manfred H. Hasenohrl

REVIEW 4/2008

Insurance contract duration Appendix to Discourse on the Insurance Contract Regulation in the new Civil Code of Serbia
Autori: dr Slobodan Jovanovic & dr Jovan Slavnic

Insurance history – luxury or industry's necessity?
Autor: dr Wolfgang Rohrbach

Life insurance contracts and their influence on investment policy
Autor: dr Jasmina Labudovic Stankovic

REVIEW 3/2008

The Changing Nature of The Reinsurance Industry - A Call for An Ethical Approach
Autor: Thierry Pelgrin

Duty to provide precontractual information and information after contract conclusion according to the EU directives and laws of the member states
Autori: dr Slobodan Jovanovic & dr Jovan Slavnic

REVIEW 1,2/2008

Content of an insurance contract in the Draft Common frame of reference for the European insurance contract law and laws of the EU Member States
Autori: dr Slobodan Jovanovic & dr Jovan Slavnic

Civil Liability Insurance with particular Overview of Slovenian Insurance Law and Practice
Autor: Milan Virsek

Fire Property All Risks Insurance
Autor: dr Darko Samardzic

REVIEW 4/2007

Solvency II - auswirkungen auf versicherer und konsumenten
Autor: dr Wolfgang Rohrbach

Non-life insurance premium
Autor: dr Slobodan Jovanovic

Importance and role of life insurance companies as institutional investors on financial market
Autor: dr Jasmina Labudovic Stankovic

REVIEW 3/2007

Reorganization and prospective of Serbian insurance market
Autor: dr Wolfgang Rohrbach

The concepts of 'event', 'occurrence', 'risk' and 'accident' in insurance law
Autor: Christos S. Chrissanthis

Right of recourse of the social insurance after traffic accident against motor insurer, with particular outline of the Austrian law
Autor: Mag. Josef Schorghuber

REVIEW 1,2/2007

Social insurance and private health insurance.
Autor: dr Wolfgang Rohrbach

Insolvency and wounding up of insurance companies in the law of the EU with overview on our law
Autor: dr Predrag Sulejic

REVIEW 4/2006

Trends in compensation of non-pecuniary losses in various European countries
Autor: dr Dieter Pscheidl

Application of the Directive on unfair commercial practice 2005 on insurance
Autor: dr Jovan Slavnic

Commutation in reinsurance
Autor: Dejan Davidovic

REVIEW 3/2006

Private insurance as a mean for fighting corruption
Autor: dr Wolfgang Rohrbach

Professional liability insurance today
Autor: dr Jovan Slavnic

Derivative contracts as alternative mean of the risk transfer
Autor: dr Jasmina Labudovic Stankovic

REVIEW 1,2/2006

On status of the European contract law harmonization
Autor: dr Atila Fenjves

Aviation insurance on the London market
Autor: dr Borislav Ivosevic

Directive of the European Parliament and Council on reinsurance 2005/68/ES passed
Autor: dr Slobodan Jovanovic

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