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Slobodan Jovanović

General and special reinsurance conditions or an annual reinsurance treaty tailored to a reinsured?

Review 4-2011

Liability insurance – contractual covers based on occurrence of an insured cause or claims made cover

Review 1-2010

Content of an insurance contract in the Draft Common frame of reference for the European insurance contract law and laws of the EU Member States

Review 1,2-2008

Duty to provide precontractual information and information after contract conclusion according to the EU directives and laws of the member states

Review 3-2008

Insurance contract duration Appendix to Discourse on the Insurance Contract Regulation in the new Civil Code of Serbia

Review 4-2008

Non-life insurance premium

Review 4-2007

Directive of the European Parliament and Council on reinsurance 2005/68/ES passed

Review 1,2-2006

Regulation of the private group insurance contract in the European law

Review 2-2013

Neki aspekti delatnosti reosiguranja i ugovora o reosiguranju

Review 3,4-2002

Pravni položaj brokera (re)osiguranja' u pravu Velike Britanije

Review 3,4-2003

Uloga agencija za ocenu finansijske snage i boniteta na odluku osiguravajućeg društva o izboru nosioca viškova rizika

Review 1,2-2004

Lloyd s as one of the well estab- lished risk carriers on the international insurance and reinsurance market

Review 3,4-2005

Natural catastrophes insurance in French Law

Review 3-2014

Subrogation in Insurance, similarities and variations against the other Institutions

Review 4-2014

Czech insurance contract law evolution

Review 4-2016

Household insurance of collections and valuables

Review 3-2018

In honor of the 80th Birthday Anniversary of Professor Jovan Slavnić, Honorary President of the Association for Insurance Law of Serbia

Review 4-2018

Intermediary conduct in the best interest of the insured and duties of the freight forwarder related to insurance of the client interest

Review 3-2019

Traditional legal institutions and insurance law

Review 1-2020

Optional international rules in the field of reinsurance contract law

Review 1-2021

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